The Department of English is very fortunate to have the support of the Tinggi Foundation, which offers bursary awards to deserving students (prior to 2017,  financial assistance was given in the form of scholarships). The awards are open to second-year Malaysian students of the department. Applicants must demonstrate excellent academic ability and financial need.



 I would like to thank the Tinggi Foundation for  this valuable award. This helps me immeasurably  -- I am able to pay my tuition, college fees, and many more other expenses in university.   I don't come from  a well-to-do background, so this is really a big help for me. It drives me to get onto the right track, to focus more on my studies and to stay motivated. Thank you Tinggi Foundation. I am really grateful for this bursary award!   -- Nur Ina binti Ujang



It is a great honour to be a recipient of the Tinggi Foundation Award. I owe the highest gratitude to the Foundation as well as to the Department of English for alerting me to this wonderful opportunity. It is a great blessing to receive this award as I do not come from a particularly wealthy family. With this award I am able to alleviate some of the financial burden that falls on my parents’ shoulders and for that I could not be more grateful. I will utilize this financial aid to improve the quality of my academic life here at the University of Malaya. – Virtuoes Romana Maruning



Thank you, Tinggi Foundation, and thank you, English Department, for this opportunity! I am truly honoured and grateful to receive a Tinggi Foundation Award. I used to work as a part-time makeup artist and bake cakes to sell on holidays to lessen my parents' burden since I have another two younger sisters who will be furthering their studies in universities. This award has definitely lightened my financial worries. Thank you so much! -- Ana Najia binti Sharin



"I am truly honoured to be a Tinggi Foundation Award recipient and I would like to thank both the Foundation and my Department for giving me this opportunity. I am extremely thankful to be chosen among other worthy recipients. This award really helps to alleviate my study loans burden. Also, the award serves as a reminder for me to keep working harder and not fall short of others’ hopes in me." – Jessy Wong 


"With three siblings accessing secondary and tertiary education, my parents are constantly burdened with the responsibility of making sure we study in the most conducive environment. After moving to Kuala Lumpur and starting my degree in Universiti Malaya, I experienced hardships with my finances as my parents couldn’t afford to give me an allowance, even on a monthly basis. I was not able to purchase books for my classes, and in the worst case scenario, even basic needs like food and toiletries.
However, after receiving financial assistance from the Tinggi Foundation, I no longer need to juggle class and work in order to survive university. I can now fully focus on my academic life as the bursary has greatly improved my quality of life in Universiti Malaya. I really appreciate the opportunities that have been offered to me by the English Department and the Tinggi Foundation." – Allison Jong 


I am truly pleased and honored to be one of the recipients of the Tinggi Foundation Scholarship. For me, this is a blessing because out of many students who also worked really hard for the scholarship, I was chosen. I deeply appreciate the generosity of the foundation as the scholarship definitely helped ease my financial burden in completing my studies. A special thanks to the English Department of University of Malaya for making this happen for me!!! – Judith Marielee


First of all, I would like to say that I really appreciate the opportunity given to me by the English Department, University of Malaya. This is because the department itself chose my name for the scholarship interview by Tinggi Foundation. I would also like to thank Tinggi Foundation for choosing me as one of the scholarship recipients. This scholarship has not only helped me with my tuition fees but also with my living allowance so that I don’t need to burden my parents for financial help. Once again, thank you so much to the department and Tinggi Foundation for this opportunity.– Nur Faizah Bt Zainal Azam


I would like to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to Tinggi Foundation. I feel so grateful and blessed that Tinggi Foundation has given me a chance. I never expected myself to be selected to receive this scholarship. Tinggi Foundation has provided me the financial support that allows me to pursue my studies without any worries. Furthermore, it has lessened the burden of my parents and it also motivates me to study harder. Thank you so much, Tinggi Foundation and the English Department! – Hah Shi Yun 

Last Updated: 19/06/2019